West Jesmond Primary School

West Jesmond is a truly unique school with a long history of successfully providing the highest quality education in Jesmond since 1901. In that time there have been many changes to education and indeed our wonderful school building but throughout the past 111 years we have always prided ourselves in making our children feel special and nurtured their talents in all areas of the curriculum.  Our vision is that that the children of West Jesmond leave us in Year 6 as happy, successful, articulate, aspirational and empathetic young people, eager for the next stage of learning in their lives and respectful towards the cultures in modern British society.

It is also crucial that in our school we foster a whole family atmosphere where children feel confident to express their individuality, their talents and know that success in any aspect of their lives will be rewarded and celebrated. We currently have children from 27 countries around the world and have children fluent in up to 21 languages – something very few primary schools can boast about. This adds to our unique nature where children work, play and learn together harmoniously.